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Apple today announced the launch of the 3G iPhone

06/10/2008 11:46

Apple today announced the launch of the 3G iPhone, officially launching on July 11. They’ve also reduced the price of the phone to $199 and $299 for the 8GB and 16GB model respectively. This is, in my opinion, a great price for such a great product.

If you didn’t catch the info in the local newspaper, the iPhone is launching in Indian around Diwali.
I wonder at what price Apple will launch the iPhone here. I certainly hope its less than the current grey market price (last I checked, it was 13,000 bucks in Delhi). But hey, you can always buy a cheap Chinese imitation for less :)

Btw, here are the links to the New York Times story, and the official announcement.

I also wonder about the viability of the 3G iPhone with the increasing propagation of WiMax…hmm..another battle on the cards?


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